September 19, 2016

Glitter House Church

Every Christmas Village needs a little church. So I made this snowy white church using a pattern from Howard Lamey at Little Glitter Houses.  I decided to make my church white with a green roof like those little churches you see out in the country.

I made the stained glass windows by coloring with permanent markers on vellum.

I decided to snuggle it in among several snow frosted trees.  The fence is made from corrugated cardboard. I really love the texture it gives to the fence. I peeled the paper off of one side of the cardboard to expose the ridges. Paint and Snow-Tex, glue and glitter will fill in the holes on top.

Here you can see the back - complete with a hole for inserting a light to illuminate the windows.

Still needs a few finishing touches before it is complete. Building each one is a little adventure in ideas and skill-building.

Hope you are having a creative week!

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  1. Laney this is a stunning house. I was just thinking you should make a set of Christmas houses... This would make a gorgeous Christmas banner as well. You could also take a photo of it against a plain background and have Christmas cards made up with it!! Love it!! Repost it closer to Christmas too!! So awesome!!

    Hugs Giggles


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