September 7, 2016

Three More Glitter Houses

My work table has still been covered in glitter! More and more glitter houses have appeared and I have three new ones to share in this post.

First up is this white and red one. This is the Little Charmer pattern from Howard Lamey at Little Glitter Houses.  I added a bottle brush tree, made a bush from a floral pick, created a wreath from pipe cleaners for the chimney and put candy canes by the front door.

red and white glitter house

I decided my village needed some two story homes so I used the Twin Peaks Beach house pattern (also from Howard Lamey) for this blue one and made my own simple pattern for the green one.

green and blue glitter houses

I used corrugated cardboard for these fences. I peeled the paper off one side to expose the ridges and filled in the holes on top with Snow-Tex, then painted and glittered the fences.

The blue one still needs some finishing touches.  It's all such a fun process!

What have you been working on lately?


  1. Fantastic! Look like they are addicting. Great job.

  2. These houses with glitter are have a sweet small it! Again these too would make an awesome Christmas card photographed against a plain backdrop.

    Hugs Giggles


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