December 8, 2017

No More Gremlins


This work in progress is from a lesson in Let's Face It 2017 by Renata Loree.
Been a while since I painted.
You know those gremlins in your head that can stop you if you let them?
I let them.
But then I decided to banish them.

If those gremlins are messing with your head - send them packing!
Wishing you a creative weekend.


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  1. Laney, this is super gorgeous. You have surely banished all those gremlins.

  2. Very nice. Your lady looks so thoughtful. I'm glad the gremlins are gone.

  3. Love your beautiful painting.
    Happy upcoming week xx

  4. Beautiful. Yes kick the gremlins to the curb! Express yourself with full abandon and no judgement of the results! We all have such a wonderful unique style! Thanks for sharing!

    Peace Giggles

  5. This is a wonderful portrait! I know the gremlins too and I agree to giggles: kick them to the curb and have a wonderful holiday.


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