June 22, 2018

Glitter House Cabinet and Studio Makeover

Glitter putz houses on shelves in craftroom
Glitter putz houses on shelves in my craft room
I moved my glitter houses to a curio cabinet in the living room.  They had been on shelves in my studio - some of them for two years - and I was concerned about them becoming dusty. It would be hard to get the dust off the glittered surface.  I loved seeing them in my studio (which is a small bedroom in our house), but felt like they needed to either be packed up in plastic storage bins or put inside a cabinet.

Above is a photo of the corner of my studio where they have been living. Half of them were hidden by the plastic drawers and there was really no room for any more houses.  They are two deep on these shelves and on the lower shelves they are stacked on top of others. You can also see that some are on top of the drawers, along with other projects. This corner was becoming quite crowded and I was ready for a studio makeover anyway . . .

Glitter House Curio Cabinet

Cabinet with glitter houses inside
New cabinet for the glitter houses

So they all moved to the new neighborhood in the living room! Now they are safely tucked inside out of the dust. There are more shelves at the bottom - and there are houses in there, too. The cabinet has a light that illuminates the top shelf, so maybe I will create a display on the top shelf to enjoy at night, for now they are all just sitting in there.  I have room to place them three deep on all of these shelves. Does that mean that more could be created??  ;)


My studio makeover is now in progress - I have painted the shelf the houses were on white and a few other things may be getting a fresh coat of paint as well. I added some shelves to the closet yesterday and have been moving the furniture around trying out different layouts.  I love looking at other studio spaces and have a Pinterest board where I collect images that inspire me. You can see that board by clicking here.

Do you love seeing where other people create? I always find that so interesting and inspiring.  It doesn't matter whether the space is beautifully decorated or just purely utilitarian, it's always interesting to get a peek into others spaces.

Hope you are having a creative week - and that your studio is comfortable and inspiring to work in!


June 13, 2018

Herringbone Quilt

My most recent quilt finish is this herringbone quilt. This is one that was started over a year ago and just finally finished.

I completed this herringbone quilt after following a class on Craftsy by Maureen Cracknell. Her version had the herringbone panels all the way across, but I was using a jelly roll and only had enough strips to make four herringbone panels so I opted to add white panels on either side. I love a white background so this design suits me to a T!

I had this little photography assistant helping with the photos. She also approves of the quilt!

In looking at the quilt in the photo I can see that it having been folded has left a crease - so another wash is in it's future.  The colors are primarily red and dark navy so I selected a dark navy binding and I like how that looks with the white.

I can recommend Maureen's Craftsy class, so head over there if you want to check it out.  It is a quilt as you go method and is pretty much fun to sew.  The class contains a variety of projects so you can try out the method on a smaller project before you commit to a quilt if you like.

Thanks for visiting and for your comments.  I would love to see what you have been working on.


May 13, 2018

Red Glitter House

Red glitter house embellished wiht silver stars
Angled view of the completed red glitter house.
I have been inspired to make a glitter house with this fine red metallic glitter for a while now. I kept being drawn to the red glitter every time I walked by that section at the craft store.  Finally, I decided to buy it.  It kept calling to me  - so why not?

The crystal or white iridescent glitter that I frequently use dulls the paint color just a little and I have found this especially noticeable when I use red paint for my houses. Red is my favorite color so maybe I just notice the subdued color more with red. ;)

red glitter in bottle and on putz house
This red glitter is bright, shiny and sparkles so well.

I have definitely been happy with this purchase. This glitter is definitely red and bright!  Because I used two different types of glitter - red for the house and clear for the roof, door and base, I had to apply the glitter before I assembled the house. If the glue/glitter is good and dry and you are careful when handling it you won't lose much glitter in the process.

red putz house, fence,tree and tools
Here's the completed house along with the fence and tree. All just waiting for the base.

I added these silver stars for accents above the door and on the tower.  I opted to keep the entry roof long for this version.  The previous time I used this pattern I cut it shorter, as you can see on the melon pink (orange) house.

I cut the fence using a decorative blade and then used a punch to make the holes.  For the tree I added tiny red beads for ornaments.  I was pleased with how this turned out.  The red beads seemed to be just the right finishing touch.

Thanks so much for visiting! I always love reading your comments.


April 5, 2018

Watercolor Roses

This is watercolor and that's a change for me - I usually paint with acrylics. But this was definitely fun to try.  It's a wet into wet technique and it is fun to watch the colors flow and blend. Kind of meditative to do.  I used my Koi pan watercolors and a waterbrush. So much less to set up and clean up than with acrylics. I just needed my paper, watercolor set, waterbrush and a paper towel!  Simple.

These watercolor roses in a heart shape was a fun try at a tutorial video from Melanie April Art.  She is a watercolor artist and has some amazing art work and classes. If you want to learn watercolor- check her out!

I need more practice for sure, but this was fun and I have painted more with watercolor since I photographed this. As I write this I want to go try it again.  :)

What's working for you lately?

Hope you have a creative weekend! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.


March 30, 2018

Peppermint Putz House

A red and white peppermint putz house

This is my newest glitter house. I am calling it the Peppermint Putz House since it is decorated with tiny peppermints  They're not real, of course. I had a pack of these hiding in my glitter house decor drawer. I usually refer to these as "glitter houses" but I can't resist the alliteration of "Peppermint Putz!"

January 25, 2018

Watercolor Sketch of Cardinal

I have this art journal page to share this week.  I sketched the cardinal in pen and then painted it with watercolors. The red streak coming up off the cardinals back happened when the cat, who was lying on my art table patiently watching me paint suddenly decided to help and get in on the art. He reached out his paw and grabbed the brush!  I laughed and then went ahead and finished the bird, though the cat grabbed the brush again. I thought about painting over the streak with white before I put in the background, but decided it would be fun to keep the cat's contribution to the art.  :)  Can you call it a collaboration is the other artist is a cat??

After kitty had had enough painting, I added the face and the background. I drew the face with pencil and painted it with light watercolor washes.  One of the lessons on Let's Face It last year involved painting faces in watercolor so I wanted to give it a try.

I usually use acrylic so painting in watercolor is quite a bit different. I have become interested in watercolor sketching and had great fun giving it a try this week.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey where the theme is "New Year New Adventures."  Painting with cats should qualify as an adventure. ;)

I hope you have had a creative week. Thanks for visiting and for your comments!


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