April 5, 2018

Watercolor Roses

This is watercolor and that's a change for me - I usually paint with acrylics. But this was definitely fun to try.  It's a wet into wet technique and it is fun to watch the colors flow and blend. Kind of meditative to do.  I used my Koi pan watercolors and a waterbrush. So much less to set up and clean up than with acrylics. I just needed my paper, watercolor set, waterbrush and a paper towel!  Simple.

These watercolor roses in a heart shape was a fun try at a tutorial video from Melanie April Art.  She is a watercolor artist and has some amazing art work and classes. If you want to learn watercolor- check her out!

I need more practice for sure, but this was fun and I have painted more with watercolor since I photographed this. As I write this I want to go try it again.  :)

What's working for you lately?

Hope you have a creative weekend! Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.


March 30, 2018

Peppermint Putz House

A red and white peppermint putz house

This is my newest glitter house. I am calling it the Peppermint Putz House since it is decorated with tiny peppermints  They're not real, of course. I had a pack of these hiding in my glitter house decor drawer. I usually refer to these as "glitter houses" but I can't resist the alliteration of "Peppermint Putz!"

January 25, 2018

Watercolor Sketch of Cardinal

I have this art journal page to share this week.  I sketched the cardinal in pen and then painted it with watercolors. The red streak coming up off the cardinals back happened when the cat, who was lying on my art table patiently watching me paint suddenly decided to help and get in on the art. He reached out his paw and grabbed the brush!  I laughed and then went ahead and finished the bird, though the cat grabbed the brush again. I thought about painting over the streak with white before I put in the background, but decided it would be fun to keep the cat's contribution to the art.  :)  Can you call it a collaboration is the other artist is a cat??

After kitty had had enough painting, I added the face and the background. I drew the face with pencil and painted it with light watercolor washes.  One of the lessons on Let's Face It last year involved painting faces in watercolor so I wanted to give it a try.

I usually use acrylic so painting in watercolor is quite a bit different. I have become interested in watercolor sketching and had great fun giving it a try this week.

Linking up with Art Journal Journey where the theme is "New Year New Adventures."  Painting with cats should qualify as an adventure. ;)

I hope you have had a creative week. Thanks for visiting and for your comments!


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January 18, 2018

January Girl Mixed Media Painting

January weather has been cold and snowy for a few of days, which meant a couple of days home from work. So I had a little extra time to paint. I am calling this one "January Girl."

This is definitely a mixed media piece - acrylic, charcoal, India ink, oil pastel.  I love the smudgy softness you can get with the oil pastels.  The background went through about five iterations before I ended up with this and it felt right.

I hope you have had a creative week whether it's been snowy or sunny in your part of the world.


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January 5, 2018

Christmas Mouse

So even though it is January now, I'm sharing this little painting I call "Christmas Mouse." It's small about 6 x 6.  It was inspired by a pillow in a sewing book I have - Scandinavian Stitches. I painted it a few weeks before Christmas.

We liked having this little mouse on top of the TV cabinet over the Holidays.

Wishing you a creative weekend!


December 29, 2017

Creative Year in Review 2017

Once again I was inspired to take a look at my creativity for the past year.
In January I started Let's Face It but was also painting some other things including my Princess of the Moon painting.