May 13, 2018

Red Glitter House

Red glitter house embellished wiht silver stars
Angled view of the completed red glitter house.
I have been inspired to make a glitter house with this fine red metallic glitter for a while now. I kept being drawn to the red glitter every time I walked by that section at the craft store.  Finally, I decided to buy it.  It kept calling to me  - so why not?

The crystal or white iridescent glitter that I frequently use dulls the paint color just a little and I have found this especially noticeable when I use red paint for my houses. Red is my favorite color so maybe I just notice the subdued color more with red. ;)

red glitter in bottle and on putz house
This red glitter is bright, shiny and sparkles so well.

I have definitely been happy with this purchase. This glitter is definitely red and bright!  Because I used two different types of glitter - red for the house and clear for the roof, door and base, I had to apply the glitter before I assembled the house. If the glue/glitter is good and dry and you are careful when handling it you won't lose much glitter in the process.

red putz house, fence,tree and tools
Here's the completed house along with the fence and tree. All just waiting for the base.

I added these silver stars for accents above the door and on the tower.  I opted to keep the entry roof long for this version.  The previous time I used this pattern I cut it shorter, as you can see on the melon pink (orange) house.

I cut the fence using a decorative blade and then used a punch to make the holes.  For the tree I added tiny red beads for ornaments.  I was pleased with how this turned out.  The red beads seemed to be just the right finishing touch.

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  1. I love seeing Christmasy art all year around. This is fabulous!! I just put my little tabletop Christmas tree away last week.

    1. Thanks Katie Jeanne! I enjoy seeing the Christmas things too. :) I lobe it that you just now put away your little tree!

  2. I would LOVE to live in that house Laney! Just GORGEOUS! Happy weekend my friend!


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