June 22, 2018

Glitter House Cabinet and Studio Makeover

Glitter putz houses on shelves in craftroom
Glitter putz houses on shelves in my craft room
I moved my glitter houses to a curio cabinet in the living room.  They had been on shelves in my studio - some of them for two years - and I was concerned about them becoming dusty. It would be hard to get the dust off the glittered surface.  I loved seeing them in my studio (which is a small bedroom in our house), but felt like they needed to either be packed up in plastic storage bins or put inside a cabinet.

Above is a photo of the corner of my studio where they have been living. Half of them were hidden by the plastic drawers and there was really no room for any more houses.  They are two deep on these shelves and on the lower shelves they are stacked on top of others. You can also see that some are on top of the drawers, along with other projects. This corner was becoming quite crowded and I was ready for a studio makeover anyway . . .

Glitter House Curio Cabinet

Cabinet with glitter houses inside
New cabinet for the glitter houses

So they all moved to the new neighborhood in the living room! Now they are safely tucked inside out of the dust. There are more shelves at the bottom - and there are houses in there, too. The cabinet has a light that illuminates the top shelf, so maybe I will create a display on the top shelf to enjoy at night, for now they are all just sitting in there.  I have room to place them three deep on all of these shelves. Does that mean that more could be created??  ;)


My studio makeover is now in progress - I have painted the shelf the houses were on white and a few other things may be getting a fresh coat of paint as well. I added some shelves to the closet yesterday and have been moving the furniture around trying out different layouts.  I love looking at other studio spaces and have a Pinterest board where I collect images that inspire me. You can see that board by clicking here.

Do you love seeing where other people create? I always find that so interesting and inspiring.  It doesn't matter whether the space is beautifully decorated or just purely utilitarian, it's always interesting to get a peek into others spaces.

Hope you are having a creative week - and that your studio is comfortable and inspiring to work in!



  1. Have fun in your revamped studio space. The glitter houses look great at their new destination. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Such a great idea for your houses. Good luck on the studio revamp. I always uncover some long forgotten treasure when I "clean up." Happy PPF

  3. Your glitter house village is pure magic and a great idea to keep them enclosed and protected. Yea, I have to revamp my art room and such too on occasion. Amazing what I sometimes find and had forgotten about:) Happy PPF!

  4. I love the feeling of Christmas and winter every time I visit your blog. Good luck with the studio makeover. :)

  5. Your gorgeous glitter houses are worth the living room space looking so beautiful. Your studio looks wonderful.
    Happy PPF 💗

  6. How pretty they are! But yes, so hard to dust! They will do great in the cabinet. Good luck with your studio makeover!


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