September 23, 2016

A Tale of Two Glitter Houses

After making glitter (or putz) houses for a few months, I became interested in drafting my own patterns. So I made a pattern inspired by a house in my town. That was going to be my next project, but then my friend Rhonda at Christmas Notebook unexpectedly sent me a pattern she had drafted inspired by a vintage putz house.

So I decided it would be fun to make houses from both Rhonda's pattern and mine! :)

I had already drafted my pattern using graph paper and cut it out, so I just needed to print off Rhonda's pattern and I was ready to go.

I used cereal box cardboard for my house, and poster board for hers. Her pattern makes a smaller scale house than I am used to and it is SO cute!

This photo only shows one section of my house. There is another section that attaches on the left.

Here is another shot of the smaller house.

Here is where the two houses stand after painting. Painted, with the window frames and doors in place but only partially glued together - but you get the idea of how they are going to look.

Rhonda thought it was interesting that both of our houses were similar with the four windows on the larger sections. I thought it was a fun coincidence that both houses also have a smaller section to the left.

A few more pics of the process:  In the photo below I am gluing the chimney to the side of the house. I like to use clothespins as clamps to help hold one end than I can hold the other until the glue "grabs."

Next I installed windows  panes and glued the roofs in place. I used vellum colored yellow with a marker as the windows. It makes a cheery glow at night when the house is illuminated.

 Then I could glue the roof in place on the little house.  I used a tooth pick to apply the glue to the flaps and then placed the roof on top.

Then it was time for glitter and the houses are completed.

Next steps: making bases and fences, gluing the houses to the bases and embellishing!

I hope you've had a creative week and are looking forward to fun weekend! Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to see what you are working on.


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