November 1, 2015

October Mini Mania Challenge

So this is my version of the October Mini Mania Challenge over on Flickr, It's my first round to play with this group and this was quite fun! The deal was to use applique and to include the color orange.  I elected to do fused machine applique. I started with hand applique for the largest circle in the flower, then decided on machine work instead. It was giving me a more polished finish. I love the look of hand applique but I have yet to get a good result on anything but circles that are pressed under first.

My inspiration was twofold. I went to the local quilt show and was inspired by a quilt I saw there. That quilt reminded me of the Lollipop Trees quilts (pattern by Kim McLean) that were all over the internet a few years ago. 

I opted for a simplified version, since I had a few other projects underway at the same time.

I found this little button at a  local shop and thought he would make just the right little addition - and add a bit more orange, too - so I set him on this leaf!

This is also my first finish of the fourth quarter for the Finish Along at On the Windy Side. (My original FAL post is here).

Have a happy and creative week!



  1. It's cute - I think that owl is very happy in the shade of that flower! Practice is what helps with hand applique like anything else - keep going! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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