October 30, 2015

Little Flower Painting in Progress

Happy Paint Party Friday!  So I am sharing this little collage painting in progress. I have not been painting much lately because I am in the midst of making the Christmas quilt. I have a dedicated studio room, but it is small and I have one work table set up. Therefore I can either be set up to sew or paint but not really both at the same time - at least not when I am sewing something larger like the quilt.

I am still trying to figure out how to be set up for both paint and stitch. I seem to be messy when I paint and little splatters of paint end up in more places than you might think. ;)   I have tried a second table but then I couldn't access my design wall for quilts and the ironing board was displaced.

So this has me curious. How much space do you have for painting? Do you do more than one creative thing? How do you manage your creative space?

I'd love to hear all about it!

Have a happy and creative weekend!


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  1. Beautiful painting! I could have my whole wrap around desk, I could have a whole spare room, but I chose to use the couch in my family room or my kitchen table if need be. I have so many paint stained old towels spread everywhere to protect things (they are washed often too) and I have a lap desk.. it's just what I prefer.. it's in the hub of the house. I have organized storage in wood boxes, a box with a lid that doubles as a coffee table and a cart. Of course I would never paint in my nice living room...but the family room works for me!! I think one needs to create where the energy feels right for them!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. It's becoming a beautiful flower painting ...
    Have a happy weekend ♥

  3. Wonderful flower painting. I have very little space, I paint in my kitchen, I just have to eat someplace else! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Great start to your beautiful blossom, I also have a small studio space.

  5. I love to see WIP Laney, it's a beautiful start.
    I'm currently working on my kitchen table mostly for an Inktober Challenge. It's just my sketch pad and ink pens but I'm lucky because I do have a studio too.
    I can imagine you would need masses of room for your quilts. How about a 'she' shed?
    I'd love one of those ;D
    Happy PPF to you

  6. What a sweet flower, I love it! I have a dedicated space to my art, but it isn't very big. My sewing machine isn't set up a present, I think it's challenging juggling things.

  7. I love your sweet little red flower.

  8. The colours of this make me happy :-) When I was living in Australia I didn't have a studio space and had to make art in the kitchen. Which of course meant cleaning up when it was time for dinner. I also sew, and it was the same: I needed to finish it right away or stow it away until I could work on it again. Not perfect, but when the urge to get creative is there you'll find a way :-)

  9. Pretty little collaged flower. Art space always seems to be a problem because there is never enough, it takes over our houses if we let it as it takes over our lives!

  10. So sweet -- beautiful cheerful colors!


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