November 17, 2015

Visible Progress

Fall is here. Leaves are falling. My husband blows them in the morning, then returns from some errands after lunch and the yard and driveway look as though nothing has been done! No visible progress evident.

There has, however,  been some visible progress on my "strip quilt" - although I may need to change the name.

This . . .

has morphed into this . . .

Looks a bit brown in the photo but that is a dark gray for the background.
First I decided the strips needed to be patchwork, then I decided to try some wonky cross blocks. Still feeling my way with this one, but liking the idea of multiple size blocks, and making some of the blocks with the print for the background - to lighten it up a bit. I 'm a big fan of white backgrounds so this is feeling a tad dark to me. I have a white print for the backing, so I need to add a bit of that to the front too, to tie it together. How dark do I want it to be?

So what are you working on? Have you seen visible progress this week?


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