June 4, 2016

DLP May and ICAD #1

May has been a really busy month - especially the last few weeks. All I have done for DLP this month is the May divider.  Of course part of that issue was that I made three of them before I got one I liked!  I have been struggling with the format for DLP this year. Not sure why but I am having a hard time with the three ring binder. Those binders are super cute - but still I am having trouble getting going with it.

In other news, ICAD started June 1st! This is my card #1. No prompts - just doing my own thing. Ink spray and acrylic paint.

So I hope you have been more productive the last few weeks, and I hope you have a creative weekend!


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  1. June is here, have a good Art weekend

    much love...

  2. That May divider looks great Laney. I love the colors that you used and how well the harmonize together. And those loose and carefree marks to top it all off. Love it. Keep it going!
    Michelle ♥

  3. I envy your ability to design so freely with paint and lines.

  4. Beautiful work...I'm doing icads the same as you! Always love your colour pallets!

  5. Great colour choices. Your lines are so nice and loose! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your May divider is lovely! I'm not familiar with icads, but yours is wonderful.


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