January 14, 2012

Zippered Pouch

A new Flickr group has formed called Mouthy Stitches.   I heard about it from Trudi who I know from Around the bend and Across the Pond and from The Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along.  The premise of the Mouthy Stitches group is to make and swap small zippered pouches.  If you're intimidated by installing a zipper then this is a fun way to overcome that!  The group is also meant to be a "chatty" group ( hence the term "mouthy"), so the intent is to learn new skills and make new friends.

Well, I have installed a zipper before, but it's been a long time . . . I'm talking decades here!  So I decided this would be a fun group to join.  Then I set out to make a pouch for practice before the swap began.  I followed the tutorial from Flossieteacakes, which must be well done because everything went off without a hitch!

I used some Amy Butler fabric for the outside.

Look at that zipper!

A polka dot lining.

I'm pleased with how it turned out and now I'm ready to make another one!  Partners have not yet been assigned, so I'm thinking I may make another one for for me ;)

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