January 9, 2012

My First Little Journal

My fav online quilting group Old Red Barn Co Quilt Along has a new spin-off group - Around the Bend and Across the Pond.  It's like a round robin.  We each make a starter block, then send it off and each person in the group adds to it!  There are three different types of robins going on.  My group is a "free form'' robin.  Each person can add whatever they like where ever they like.  We're all so excited to get started! Anyway, we decided to include small journals for each person to write their thoughts about what they add to your quilt.  My friend Lynz made a cute journal and then posted a tutorial on her blog so we could all make one.  So here's my first little journal:

Scrapbooking paper and a ribbon for the cover.  Heavy drawing paper inside.  Lynz used book rings for hers, but I just used ribbon since I didn't have any rings.  I can totally see how these journals could become addicting to make!  Didn't take too long either.  And I like how you can add or remove pages at will.  I may add decoration to the cover and maybe some drawings in the margins of the pages . . .
Thanks so much Lynz!

Oh and this is my starter block for my quilt.

Who knows what will be with it when it comes back??!!


  1. Love this block and the journal too! What a great way to document it's travels and the women who added to it. I'm so sorry I missed this round robin as that group is where I learned to quilt. I am going to enjoy seeing the quilts go around to each stop though. I'll live vicariously through you ... if you don't mind!

  2. I'm so glad the wee tute was useful - your journal is gorgeous! That's one of my favourite colour combos, too. And your starter? Wow, that gives such a lot of inspiration! Cannae wait to get my wee paws on it!!


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