August 13, 2011

Paint. Stitch. Draw.

Paint. Stitch. Draw. 
That sort of sums up what I do here at Sugarplum Patchwork!   
I paint. 
I stitch. 
I draw. 
I sometimes do all of the above on one day. 
Egads!  I sometimes do all of the above on one piece of art!

Anyway, here's a look at some things I've been up to recently.

First up: Paint.
More fabric painting in progress.  This is the first step - getting the background down.  Now it's drying time, and that can take a while because the canvas is quite wet when this part is finished!

Next up : Stitch.
This is a little mini-quilt I made as a Valentine for my husband!  These little quilts are quick and fun to make.  OK.  I know - if it was a Valentine it was made in February and that's not exactly recent, but it's the most recent one of these I have. (Yes, there are others hanging around our house.)

And last but not least: Draw.

This is drawing from my sketchbook from last month.  I have tons of these that I have never shared.  They are very close to my heart.

And there you have it! Paint.  Stitch.  Draw.

So, what have you been up to?


  1. I've just come back from festival of quilts so nothing productive other than shopping has been done here!
    That drawing is amazing, I wish I had skills like yours!

  2. Thanks for showing us some of your beautiful creations ! I will be checking back often!


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