August 18, 2011

Fabric Painting Continues. . .

There's been more fabric painting going on here!  My head seems full of ideas and inspiration.  I just love how the colors meld together on the canvas. Neither of these are finished, yet, but I love to take photos of the process and then compare them to the finished work.

This is coming along well, I think.

There's not as much done on this one yet - mostly still just the first go round with the paint.

I am excited to try the Golden Fluid Acrylics.  I hear they are just about the best thing since sliced bread!  I have a set of these paints in my cart at Dick Blick.  Trying to decide what else to purchase ;)

The online course with Kelly Rae Roberts is fantastic!!  We are learning SO much.  It is all very overwhelming, but exciting! 

As part of this class, I have been having a difficult time trying to decide whether to keep going with this blog or start another one.  I have been trying out Wordpress to see if I like it, and boy has that been alot to learn!  Blogger is much more intuitive and easy to modify.  I love this little blog.  I love that I have been keeping it off and on for a few years.  I just wonder if it would be better to have a blog with my new domain name.  I seem to change my mind about this everyday.  Is there anybody out there?  Do you have an opinion?  If so, I love comments.  Or email.

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  1. Paintings are coming along beautifully! As for the blog decisions I'm afraid I have no idea, I use blogger! Sorry :)


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