March 27, 2011

Crazy Quilt with the ORBC

This round at the ORBC is crazy quilting, led by Leila.  She is using old clothes, so I have tried to do that, too, but am using some quilting fabrics, too.  (Just stuff from the stash.)

She has taught us a few different ways to make blocks.  I haven't tried them all yet, but here's a look at what I have so far.  These first four are made by the stitch and slash method.  You stitch fabric together, slash it and stitch again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

The block below is actually the first one I made. It uses the traditional crazy quilt piecing method of starting with a five sided shape and sewing to a muslin foundation.

And here is that same block with some hand embroidery started.  I like to use all six strands of the floss for a bigger look.

I'm not sure how well these blocks relate to one another, but it is a crazy quilt after all!


  1. This is going to be nice.....since you like the look of the bigger thread you should try perle cotton #5. It is about the same thickness as 6 strands......dmc has some beautiful colors....

  2. hello fellow flyer! i love this photo of the crazy quilt with embroidery... i have some started too.! inspiring... it's going to be so fun to fly with all of you creatives.
    i also love bright colors!
    have a wonderful day,


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