January 27, 2011

Round Nine Ticker Tape Done.

The Ticker Tape Table Runner is finished!!
This one had a few "firsts" for me:  (1) the first time I hand sewed the binding. (2) the first time I did free-motion quilting and (3) the first time I have actually washed a quilt I made! 
I know. 
You're supposed to wash them. 
 But I gueess I was afraid they'd fall apart or something :)
Anyway, I love how it came out of the dryer - all crinkly.  Now I am looking forward to washing the throw sized ones I have made.


  1. I love your table runner! How fun and springy. I have to get working on this round this weekend, you've inspired me. I can't wait to get to cutting up my scraps.

    Love that crinkly feel too :)

  2. Okay, I've obviously descended into the depths o married life when I see that and say to myself "Hummm... that would look great on OUR dining room table!" Looks fantastic sistergirl.


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