January 5, 2018

Christmas Mouse

So even though it is January now, I'm sharing this little painting I call "Christmas Mouse." It's small about 6 x 6.  It was inspired by a pillow in a sewing book I have - Scandinavian Stitches. I painted it a few weeks before Christmas.

We liked having this little mouse on top of the TV cabinet over the Holidays.

Wishing you a creative weekend!


December 29, 2017

Creative Year in Review 2017

Once again I was inspired to take a look at my creativity for the past year.
In January I started Let's Face It but was also painting some other things including my Princess of the Moon painting.

In February I was totally involved in Let's Face It lessons - like this one from Juna Biagioni's lesson. I also made a Valentine Glitter House.

In March I took a break from faces to paint this rooster based on a Youtube lesson from Angela Anderson. I love her videos and this was great fun!

In May I finished this Girl and Owl painting.

By June I was back to glitter houses - this time designing one based on a real house we drive by sometimes.

June also brought the Red headed Girl in Flowers painting.

Back to glitter houses for August with this Halloween Glitter House . . .

And the glitter camper.

In the Fall I took a break from blogging.  I was mostly sewing for charity during this time and getting some glitter houses ready for a local craft sale.

I resumed blogging in December and shared this painting from a Let's Face It lesson with Renata Loree.

Thanks to all of you for visiting and commenting as well as sharing your own creativity over the past year. I wish you all a Happy New Year!


December 22, 2017

Intense Red Head Painting

This painting is from the last lesson in Let's Face It 2017. I started by following the lesson but then went my own way by taking a mixed media approach and using some techniques outside the lesson. I love it when you get in the flow and it all comes together - don't you?

She looks pretty intense, but I hope you will be feeling relaxed as we approach the Holidays.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I wish those of you who celebrate it a Merry Christmas and I wish everyone a Creative And Happy New Year!


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