January 22, 2017

Let's Face It 2017

sketch of woman's face from Let's Face It 2017
My take on an exercise in lesson one from Kara Bullock in Let's Face It 2017

I signed up for Let's Face It 2017. This is a year long art class all about painting faces/portraits. It is led and hosted by Kara Bullock but includes 19 other teachers throughout the year.  I have been busy with these lessons. I started a couple of weeks late and have been playing catch-up with the two lessons that were already published when I joined so that I can be on schedule as the new lessons come out.

Lesson One involved sketching faces from several angles and I have enjoyed working on these faces in my sketchbook.

profile sketch of girl
Profile sketch from Let's Face It 2017
If you are not familiar with this class or with Kara I recommend you check out her website.  The class is great so far and Kara is an excellent teacher.

So that's what I've been up to - and why I am late to the PPF party. I hope you have been creating something fun recently.  I'd love to see what you are working on.


January 5, 2017

Watercolor Sketch Girls

I've been doing some sketching and "watercoloring" in my art journal and on some loose sheets of watercolor paper. A focus on flowers a few months ago, has given way to a focus on faces lately.

I do have a small studio in my home, but sometimes I prefer to be in the living room with my husband in the evenings. I often like to curl up on the couch - so messy, mixed media art journaling is not an option for those times.  Both our couch and carpet are off-white! So simple watercolor sketching is just the right thing.

I sketch with a permanent pen. I like black Pigma Micron Pens and Sharpie markers. I prefer the fine point pens. For Pigma Microns I like the .05. Then I use my travel watercolor set with a water brush for applying the color.  The water brush keeps everything neater with no chance for spilling a jar of water on the couch or carpet.  The watercolors blend and flow where you place the water and it's fun to watch the colors mingle.  :)

I'm working on shading with the watercolor. It's tricky sometimes and I am learning to "go with the flow" and let it be loose.  It's a different "feel" than acrylics.

But it's an enjoyable way to spend an evening while watching TV or talking, and it's a great way to fit some more creative time into a busy week.

I hope this inspires you to try something similar as a way of getting more creative time in your week.

Do you ever create outside the studio/dedicated art space?


December 30, 2016

Creative Year in Review

Connie Solera did a post where she reviewed her year in terms of what she accomplised/experienced in her painting and that inspired me to take a look at my creativity in the past year.


In January I was sewing/quilting. I had been on this sewing binge since October the previous year.  I finished  one quilt in November and one in December and in January I began to play in some challenges.  I made this mini quilt for the Seasons Challenge.


I February I was STILL sewing.  I made this Particle Physics Quilt mini quilt as a Valentine for my husband who enjoys reading about physics.


In March the sewing binge seemed to be over and I was back to art.  Journaling, making cards and beginning my exploration of Squarespace as a blog or website platform.  Still playing with it even now! 


April brought more art journaling and I tried to fit myself into the mold for The Documented Life Project. But I just was not able to get into it this year. Largely because they were back to using a planner and I don't use a planner that way. So I finally realized I could not force myself into a project that didn't fit me. But I did create a folder for the month of April that I was happy with. I just consider it a journal page.  :)


In May I enjoyed making a Mother's Day card for Mom.


There is only one post on my blog for the entire month of June. It shows a DLP folder for "May" and ICAD number 1. I did not stick with ICAD. I have realized that I do not enjoy any challenge that requires daily art-making and daily posting online. 29 Faces was the same way for me.  Not sure what that says about me but it is true nonetheless. ;)


July! Two big things happened in July.  I made a pop-up book. . .

and I fell in love with Glitter Houses!


There are no posts on my blog for the month of August. I am surprised by this. I think I was busy with glitter houses and work so blog posting just wasn't happening.


September was full of Glitter Houses as I was in full gear for making our Christmas Village.


In October I took a break from the Christmas houses to work on some Halloween Houses and share some art journal pages.


In November I was back to making houses again, but also enjoyed some mixed media playtime. This post was featured on PPF the following week - what a fun surprise!


And that brings us to December. Thanks for reading this far - or at least looking at the pictures! ;)  This month I set up the village of glitter houses - and ended up with enough to make two displays.

So that's my creative year in review. This was a fun post to write. It's interesting and informative to go back through what you have created and blogged about over the last year. I can recommend it as a valuable activity. You can see what you have done, what you have learned and maybe even see where you want to focus next in your artistic life.

Thanks so much for reading, visiting and commenting on my blog this year.
I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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