February 18, 2017

Finding and Going Your Own Way

Finding and Going My Own Way

In Let's Face It 2017 we had a lesson from Effy Wild - which I did not follow!  Effy taught us a complex layering process - which was beautiful - but I wanted to use different media (her layers included spray inks and I just don't like them) and I did not make nearly as many layers as Effy did. In the end she "hid" the background in places and had it show through in others. I liked it showing through all over.
I really went my own way with this - it doesn't  resemble Effy's piece, I didn't really follow her instructions but I very much enjoyed her lesson and welcomed the inspiration.

Finding and Going My Own Way- detail

And isn't that what art is all about anyway? Finding and going your own way? 

Teachers and classes provide a wealth of information, techniques, and inspiration. These are very valuable things. Copying teachers and other artists is an incredible way to learn. But we must move from copying to finding our own voice and making the techniques and materials our own as we give expression to our own creative ideas - finding and going our own way.

Hope you are all finding and going your own way to having a great and creative weekend. As always, I'd love to see what you're working on.   :)


February 9, 2017

Let's face It 2017 Week 4

Still loving this class.  The above painting is my effort in a lesson from Juna Biagioni. Her style is much softer and looser than mine - though loosening up is one of my goals. Despite my not being very "loose" it was a very interesting technique to learn.  The focus for these first few weeks of the class is on values and once the values part of this lesson was completed we learned about glazing for a touch of color. Obviously I am having difficulty with the eyes more than anything else. I had to redo them multiple times and finally had to decide this one was finished.  :)

Hope you are all having a great week! I'd loveto see what you have been working on.


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February 3, 2017

Let's Face It 2017 Week 3

Let's Face IT is proving to be quite an inspiring course.
This is my version of a great lesson from Kara Bullock. Our focus is on values for several weeks, thus the black and white.  I love Kara's technique and really want to attempt this again - need more practice! This was also my first time to paint on a wood cradle board and I liked working on that surface.

I got a better likeness to the reference photo in this sketch than I achieved in the painting.  But so far this is a fantastic learning experience!

Hope you have all had a great week! And I would love to see what you have been working on.  :)


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