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July 31, 2015

Intuitive Painting and Art Journal Page

So this is a portion of the results from an intuitive acrylic painting session on a large piece of watercolor paper.  It's a fun way to spend an afternoon. If you can get into the flow it is exciting to see what comes out and ends up on the page. This is a section I'm really fond of.

Another journal page in my larger size journal.  Are you ever afraid to follow your dreams? Even when you really think it's what you are supposed to do?

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Have a creative weekend!


July 25, 2015

An Art Journal Page and A New Painting in Progress.

I hope everyone has been having a great week!

I have been taking an online class with Mindy Lacefield called Sunday Mornings 2. In this class we are working in journals. This is one of my pages from the first lesson.  Lots of fun layers in the background. The size of this journal is larger than I usually work in so that may take some getting used to. I am really enjoying the class. Mindy is a great instructor. She demonstrates and explains things so well and has such a calm manner about her. If you have never taken a class from Mindy I can recommend it!

And here's a little painting in progress - acrylic on canvas.  Still needs some more work, but fun to do.

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Hope you all have a beautiful and creative weekend!


May 10, 2015

Busy Time!

Wow! it's been a busy few weeks.  I have been enjoying DLP and continuing to take some classes with Roben-Marie Smith, as well as participating in Jennibellie's Art Swap. Below is my journal page for DLP Ink/Before the ink is dry.

And over at Jennibellie's  we were swapping postcards with positive affirmations.
Here is the one I made for my partner.

And this is what I received from my partner Kristen.

I can definitely recommend participating in DLP, and Jennibellie's Journal Workshops site is loaded with fun, so check them out.

What have you been up to?

April 9, 2015

More Documented Life Project and Roben-Marie Smith classes!

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun! I am still loving the Documented Life Project and in addition to the challenges there I have also been taking some online classes from DLP and a couple from Roben-Marie Smith. So much amazing inspiration!

The most recent challenge from DLP - Watercolor/Water Under the Bridge:

The flowers are book paper painted with watercolor.  The other paint is acrylic. I enjoyed painting the book paper with the watercolors, but still think I prefer acrylics except when I just want to paint small amounts of color.

I'm still catching up some other DLP challenges and here is the page for Repeating Elements:

This was a lot of fun, too. This is based on the Journal Bound class from Roben-Marie. And speaking of Journal Bound - here is my version of book one from that class:

I absolutely love this class and this way of binding loose pages. If you have not taken this class I highly recommend it! I love working on loose pages and really needed to learn some binding methods. Roben-Marie teaches how to make two different books in this class. I still need to make the second one.

I am also taking Roben-Marie's new class Printmaker Pro as well as Cardboard Crush and Create It, Mail It, Alter It from the DLP ladies. The DLP classes are fantastic because you get four perspectives on the projects!  All of these artists are talented, and so friendly and professional in the videos. If you are interested in taking any of these classes - don't hesitate. Definitely worth the money!

Are you participating in the Documented Life Project? Have you been taking any classes? Let me know which classes you love!

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March 12, 2015

Another Altered File Folder

This week the Documented Life Project challenge is to Making your Mark (Doodles and Mark Making) - As a Layer Element.

Since I am still in love with altering file folders I have used that as my substrate for this weeks challenge.

After gluing down book paper and old envelopes, applying gesso and scrapng on paint for a background, I began mark making!

To make marks I used:
paint brush
watercolor pencil
colored pencils
my fingers
regular pencil
and my sewing machine.

This was a fun challenge!
Did you create anything this week?

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March 3, 2015

Five Layers

This week the Documented Life Project at Art to the 5th the challenge is to create at least five layers in your art work and the journal prompt is "high five." So I put together a quick little tutorial for the creating of this page. Hope it inspires you to use five layers in your art journal.

My five (+) layers are:
1 - book paper
2 - gesso

3 - gelli print directly onto the page

4 - collage

5 - watercolor pencil
6 - paint
7 - colored pencil
There may be a few more layers in there, too. I kept going back and forth between the paint/pencils.

I love layers! So much fun and so freeing to create.  I hope you will give this challenge a try!

February 19, 2015

Art Journal File Folder Tutorial

I've been so inspired by the girls over at The Documented Life Project and so I am playing along - even though I'm getting a late start. It doesn't bother me that I'm behind with the art journal projects - rather it makes me excited that there are all these challenges waiting on me!

I have been a fan of Roben-Marie for a long time so I decided to combine one of her mail art tutorials with the first lesson in DLP. This video of turning a regular file folder into a work of mail art was so inspiring I just had to get my paint covered hands on one. I put together this little step by step tutorial to share what I did. Enjoy!

The challenge for week one is -  book paper 
and the prompt is -  be your own goal keeper.

I started with a regular old file folder. I collaged book paper to it; trimmed it off even with the folder and painted over the book paper with white acrylic paint

Then it was time to add color. I combined blue and lime green acrylic paint

Then added some pink circles and scribbled with a black Inktense pencil which I wet with a brush.
I followed that up with some doodles using a white paint pen and a black colored pencil. I stamped "be your own goal keeper" with black ink.

Stitching around the sides and bottom finished it off. I left the top open.

I like making my journal pages loose as opposed to working in a journal sometimes, so I will use this folder to safeguard my goals, any inspirational quotes or images that tie into my goals as well as notes about any plans for accomplishing the goals.

 And I like that they are contained and not just out there for all eyes to see. I can pull this folder out anytime I need a reminder of what I want to achieve.

Thanks to Roben-Marie and all the DLP girls for a fun project!

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