July 24, 2016

Glitter Houses

glitter housesin progress on tabletop
Glitter Houses in progress.
After making the house for my Mermaid pop-up book in the last post, I was inspired to create other types of houses. So thanks to Google and Pinterest I discovered Glitter Houses - also called Putz Houses - and oh my gosh I am so inspired!  These houses are made from cardboard, then painted and covered in glitter! Glitter! I've been busy constructing enough for a village so needless to say my studio is covered in glitter, too. I have a total of ten little houses so far.

There is an interesting history to these houses and some people collect the vintage ones. They were very popular in the first half of the 20th century. This is a great link to a brief history of these little houses.

My project with these houses is for a Christmas Village. These houses are small - 3 to 4 inches tall/wide in most cases. They go on a base - you can see one in this photo, and then they are embellished with bottle brush trees, miniature animals/people, ribbon, beads - whatever your heart desires.  I am using patterns designed by Howard Lamey at Little Glitter Houses. He has patterns and instructions on his site so check it out if you are interested in making your own. It's been a great way to learn and my head is now spinning with ideas for making my own house designs/patterns!

little pink glitter house with tree
Little pink glitter house in progress.

This house is not attached to the base yet - still in progress. Instead of using Howard's base tutorial I used this tutorial from Rhonda at Christmas Notebook. It gives a nicely finished product and is simple to make. Thanks Rhonda!

Since I am making a whole village this project is ongoing! I will plan to share more pics soon. And I'll try not to get glitter on you!


July 11, 2016

Pop-up Book and Graphic 45!

So my latest project has me going in a new direction.  Bookmaking, mini albums and pop-up books! I was searching for alternative methods for journal making and stumbled across the world of mini albums. I have never been a scrapbooker so this is all new to me. And let me tell you there is some creative stuff happening in this whole scrapbooking/mini album/paper crafting world!

What first pulled me in was this creation from Anne Rostad of Anne's Paper Creations. I was amazed and captivated. And I made a book using her technique - including a simple pop-up. Then I moved on to other videos by Anne. I made a card and tried another album format. There are a ton of videos. She is so generous with all of her tutorials.

But Anne also introduced me to a paper company called Graphic 45. Now you may be well aware of this company, but this was my first time. Never have I seen paper designs like this. I saw the "Beneath the Sea" paper and I was smitten!

Then the Graphic 45 blog led me to this tutorial by Einat Kessler for a small pop-up book. And it was at that point that I knew what I wanted to do with this mermaid-inspired paper line! Thank you Einat.

So I started working on the book you see in these photos. Three pages. I added some of my own embellishments including some hand painted flowers.

This is such fun paper with the steampunk/mermaid theme. I am still putting the finishing touches on the book.

The Cover

But being inspired again by another tutorial by Anne.  I am also in the midst of making a little chipboard house (box) to hold the book.

Still a good bit to do on the house. The roof comes off to allow access to the book. I'm using some of my hand painted/gelli printed papers for the windows.

Are you familiar with Graphic 45 and mini albums? Or is this all new to you too?

I hope you are having a creative week! I'd love to see what you have been up to.


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June 4, 2016

DLP May and ICAD #1

May has been a really busy month - especially the last few weeks. All I have done for DLP this month is the May divider.  Of course part of that issue was that I made three of them before I got one I liked!  I have been struggling with the format for DLP this year. Not sure why but I am having a hard time with the three ring binder. Those binders are super cute - but still I am having trouble getting going with it.

In other news, ICAD started June 1st! This is my card #1. No prompts - just doing my own thing. Ink spray and acrylic paint.

So I hope you have been more productive the last few weeks, and I hope you have a creative weekend!


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