August 31, 2017

Glitter House And Glitter Camper

You may remember this house when it was under construction as shown in this post.  Here it is all frosted with glitter.  The paint color is called "melon pink" but it looks orange.  I so like the contrast of the gray for the roof and fence.  This is an original pattern I made after being inspired by so many cute houses with towers on the internet.

And here it is with the lights on.  I always like to see them illuminated.  :)

Now how about something that IS pink?

And how about a glitter CAMPER?

This is a pattern from Kelly Vivanco that I found online. Here is a link to it on Pinterest.  This one has been a bear to photograph.  I have struggled to get the lighting and the angles right. You can see the shape well in these pics, but he pink is much more vibrant in real life. 

The pattern has legs and a bottom strip for the awning, but I felt like that obscured the front of the camper too much so I left them off.

One more for size reference.  It's pretty tiny!

The rounded edges were a new challenge and I think I would make some modifications to the pattern if I make this one again. But I think it will be a sweet addition to our Christmas Village this year.

I hope you have had a creative week and I'd love to see your work.  :)
Thanks for stopping by.


August 10, 2017

Halloween Glitter House Minus The Glitter

Halloween Glitter House with fence

Hello everyone! It's been a busy few weeks around here. I have been involved in some projects around the house instead of working on little houses.  :)  But today I am sharing this Halloween house now that it is all finished.  This is another pattern by Howard Lamey. He is so generous in sharing patterns and techniques.  I was also inspired by the amazing Halloween houses by my friend and fellow blogger Lucy at With Glue and Glitter. I enjoyed creating this house - quite a departure from the Christmas themed houses I usually make.  This house has no glitter on it, just different paint effects - with the exception of the tiny Jack-o-lantern beside the door. Got to have a little glitter!

Halloween House lit

I enjoyed distressing the fence. I started with a store bought fence, took it apart, added some texture and then painted it with a little black and brown acrylic. 

I added some "moss" from the floral department at the craft store to the roof and the yard.

 This pic shows a close up of the roof. I cut some shingles from cardboard, painted them and then added some moss to the roof. This moss came in a flat sheet with a peel off backing that allows you to stick it on.  The adhesive was VERY strong! Sometimes it was difficult to get off my fingers but I like the effect.

I created the sconces on either side of the door from cardboard.  In this view you can see that they are dimensional.  I also added some texture to the purple paint for the door frame.

I used an orange velum for the door and window.  I like the way it glows when the house is lit up.
Overall this his turned out to be quite a fun project!  

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found time to be creative this week.  :)


July 20, 2017

Orange Glitter Houses

Orange Halloween glitter house in progress

Hello friends!  Hope you have been doing well this week.  I have a few works in progress to share. And I seem to have had a thing for orange lately. I hadn't really thought about it until I was putting this post together. Typically, I don't use a lot of orange - but it has certainly appeared in my studio this week.

First up is this Halloween project that is currently on my work table. (Pictured above.)  A wonky house (pattern by Howard Lamey) and a worn out fence.  I deconstructed and altered a pristine white picket fence to make it look run down and weathered.  I painted the house bright orange then dry brushed with some black paint to give it an old and dirty appearance.  The roof is hard to see from this angle but it is a dark green. So far the base has a few layers of paint with more to go. The house is not finished yet either - there is more to add to the roof. This is the first house I have done that will not have any glitter on it - unless I change my mind and add just a touch somewhere!

orange and gray glitter house in the works

I also have this house in the works..This is new pattern I designed, inspired by other houses with towers I have seen.  The paint color is "melon pink" but it's a orange-y pink.  I like how it looks with the with slate gray trim.  The tower will have a bit of gray trim near the top and this one will get a frosting of glitter.  :)

Lime and orange glitter house

And in keeping with the orange theme here's a finished lime green house with melon trim and a happy snowman peeking over the fence. This one's probably headed for the shop or the craft sale in a few days. 

Thanks for reading!  I hope you're having a creative week.  I'd love to see what you have been up to.


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