June 4, 2016

DLP May and ICAD #1

May has been a really busy month - especially the last few weeks. All I have done for DLP this month is the May divider.  Of course part of that issue was that I made three of them before I got one I liked!  I have been struggling with the format for DLP this year. Not sure why but I am having a hard time with the three ring binder. Those binders are super cute - but still I am having trouble getting going with it.

In other news, ICAD started June 1st! This is my card #1. No prompts - just doing my own thing. Ink spray and acrylic paint.

So I hope you have been more productive the last few weeks, and I hope you have a creative weekend!


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May 12, 2016

DLP Name PAC and a Mother's Day Card

Hope you all have had a great week! I know last weekend was Mother's Day but I couldn't share this until after it had been given. ;)

This is the outside of the card I made for my Mom. I created an envelope out of a gelli print. I used the paper clip to hold the flap closed and decorated it with some ribbon and tulle.  I spent an evening earlier in the week just doing some watercolor flower "doodling" while watching TV. One of them was perfect for the envelope so I cut it out and glued it on.

Here it is with the flap opened. You can see the tag inside.

And here is the painted tag itself. We wrote our sentiments  and signed it on the back. I added another watercolor flower, wrote the words, and added the little flowers down the left hand side and some doodles and scribbles - and ribbon.

It was fun to make and I think Mom loved it.

Over at Documented Life Project this week the PAC challenge was "include your name in an unusual way." So here is my version:

I doodled my name on graph paper, colored it in with various gel pens and markers. Then glued it to a painted background.

So what have you been up to creatively this week?


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May 5, 2016

DLP April PACs

I've been having a great time making these PACs (Pocket Art Cards) in The Documented Life Project 2016. This one was for the prompt "Make a pocket and fill it."

Lots of my gelli prints are in this little project. I made the pocket out of a gelli printed paper. Used a piece of gelli printed paper for the background of the card and the flower.  Inspired by Roben-Marie, Sandi Keene and Anna Freisen, I drew the flower on top of a gelli print and doodled on it with a stabilo pencil and paint pens, then cut it out and glued it to the card.

This one is "Fill your card with numbers." Again I started with a gelli printed background, then added layers of paint and scribbled numbers.  I drew a flower on some book paper and collaged it to the card.

Next up is "Use a color you usually avoid."  For me purple is one of those colors that I find I don't use often. I started with a teal gelli print and added the purple with paint and colored pencil as well as markers.  Reminds me of the '90s when teal and purple was sort of a stylish color combo.

This one is "Black and white."  I started this one with graph paper glued to the card then doodled with black markers and paint pens. I love color so much that it's hard for me to leave black and white alone!  ;)

This was a fun one. "Add a face."  Another gelli print for the background, then some fun with paint, pencils, and pens.

Are you participating in DLP 2016? Have you played along in years past? It's a fun project and all the artists are so inspiring!

Hope you have a creative weekend!


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