June 2, 2017

Green Glitter House

Green Glitter House by sugarplumpatchwork.com

My green glitter house is complete. I had to rework a few things, and then it was time for a base, a fence and - you guessed it - glitter! Making the porch and porch posts was a fun challenge. I opted for blue windows for this one. I thought the typical yellow windows I usually use would blend too much with the lime green trim on this little house.

green glitter house side view

I think I like the blue - they still glow yellow when the lights are in though. The warm color of the yellow lights overpowers the blue acetate. But that's OK - it will match the rest of the village from last year.

Green Glitter House lit up

This house is inspired by a real house. You can see a pic of it in this post.  And an "in progress" pic here.

green glitter house pieces

It started with these basic pieces plus the porch posts - which are also made from cardboard. I created the porch roof section as a separate three dimensional piece and glued it in place.

green glitter house roof section

This photo above is a view of the roof piece from the back. 

I know ya'll probably aren't really thinking about Christmas at this time of year, but these little houses are just so compelling to make and I find I need to plan/work ahead to have them all ready in time.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a creative week!


  1. oh Laney this turned out utterly delightful!!

  2. Really gorgeous Laney, so detailed and a real delight... well done :D)

  3. Incredible...you are a master at this house designing!! Love it so much...just adorable!! Great job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Wow, what a fabulous house. I'm sure there will live a happy family next Christmas:)
    Have a great upcoming week and June xx

  5. Your little houses are wonderful, and I always love glitter and shine, too. Have a good weekend, and happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. This one is extraordinary beautiful! I love it - you inspire me to try to built our houseshape...maybe ich can do it?! I will try !

    Happy weekend

  7. Ohhhh Laney this is my favorite!!! I love this one so much.

  8. I love this little green house Laney. The green is very festive-and my favorite color! :) Erika

  9. What a great job. The little house looks just like one of the vintage ones that I inherited from my mother.


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