March 24, 2017

More from Let's Face It.

Painting of girl with a bird on her shoulder

I am still loving the LFI 2017 class with Kara Bullock (and a bunch of other instructors), but I decided to sign up for another class with just Kara in order to get more lessons from her. This painting above is my version of one of the lessons in her Nesties Class. I did this painting on canvas which was a nice change from working on paper and wood cradle board.

This painting is from Let's Face It 2017 - a lesson with Kara. It was lots of fun to bring so much color into the background.  This is on wood cradle board and I have to say I love working on these boards. There is something I love about the hard, smooth surface.  It just feels good to work on. But hen again canvas is fun, too. I guess I don't have to pick a favorite.  ;)

I can highly recommend Let's Face It or any class with Kara - she's a fantastic teacher!

Hope you are having a creative week!


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  1. Both pieces are fantastic, I can see how much you are enjoying the lessons. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. These are both so wonderful! I love painting on different surfaces too.

  3. I am so impressed! I see your style really shining through. It's often hard to keep your own style while taking classes...But you are doing a brilliant job! These gals are gorgeous!! Such fun to watch you evolve!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Hi Laney, they're both really gorgeous. I love the way you've created both and also the colours you chose. It's obvious you're so enjoying it too. It's fun changing what you paint on, sometimes the tooth of the canvas is a lovely feel isn't it. Great works :D)

  5. Being a background "nut", I really love how you have done your second piece. But both are gorgeous. Happy PPF

  6. these are both gorgeous!! Always nice to have a class recommendation-thanks.

  7. Both are fantastic but the second one is my fave. Very dynamic.

  8. Both of your painting are fantastic, but my favourite is the first one. It has a real feeling of serenity.

  9. These are incredible. I love them both!


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