January 5, 2017

Watercolor Sketch Girls

I've been doing some sketching and "watercoloring" in my art journal and on some loose sheets of watercolor paper. A focus on flowers a few months ago, has given way to a focus on faces lately.

I do have a small studio in my home, but sometimes I prefer to be in the living room with my husband in the evenings. I often like to curl up on the couch - so messy, mixed media art journaling is not an option for those times.  Both our couch and carpet are off-white! So simple watercolor sketching is just the right thing.

I sketch with a permanent pen. I like black Pigma Micron Pens and Sharpie markers. I prefer the fine point pens. For Pigma Microns I like the .05. Then I use my travel watercolor set with a water brush for applying the color.  The water brush keeps everything neater with no chance for spilling a jar of water on the couch or carpet.  The watercolors blend and flow where you place the water and it's fun to watch the colors mingle.  :)

I'm working on shading with the watercolor. It's tricky sometimes and I am learning to "go with the flow" and let it be loose.  It's a different "feel" than acrylics.

But it's an enjoyable way to spend an evening while watching TV or talking, and it's a great way to fit some more creative time into a busy week.

I hope this inspires you to try something similar as a way of getting more creative time in your week.

Do you ever create outside the studio/dedicated art space?



  1. I love your beautiful and colourful girls - they are all gorgeous! Hugs, Valerie

  2. What a lovely way to do more art! I was wondering how on earth you could use watercolours while curled up on the coach. Yes, with a waterbrush of course. Can you believe I have one and I always forget that I have one!? You just reminded me of it. I'll make 2017 the year that I finally use my waterbrush :-)

  3. Ah Dear Laney, I totally adore your sweet girls. Such cheeky glints in their eyes, turn of their heads - so beguiling.
    I too paint with watercolours and love it - after the initial getting used to, in fact going with the flow can lead to much beauty and excitement can't it.
    Enjoy your day and thank you kindly for your visit. Cheerio now :D)

  4. these girls are adorable, luv the one with the halo especially

    Happy PPF

    MUCH LOVE...

  5. I agree sitting in the living room creating while watching TV with hubby is relaxing. Great piece she is so cute.

  6. Such delightful faces Laney! You are so right about keeping mixed media art for the art room. Sometimes I'll grab a sketch pad or even a coloring book and markers while sitting on the sofa with the TV on but I much prefer making a bit of a mess at the art table:) Happy PPF and happy New Year!

  7. Your girls are wonderful!! Love the black lines too!! I do all my creativity in my family room on the couch!! I use loads and loads of old towels, throw rugs, and thick washable blankets to protect the couch! It works well for me, and we have hardwood floors. You could always pick up old towels and rugs cheap at a thrift store should you want to try other mediums besides watercolour!!
    Happy New year wishing you a year filled with creative abundance!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. These are all terrific. I especially like the last one.
    I've only recently discovered Pigma Microns, they are really good.
    I've only painted in my studio as I need everything about me.

  9. Fabulous faces and I love the coloring!
    Thank you for your nice visit Laney!
    Nice to meet you!I will be a new follower!
    oxo Susi

  10. What beautiful faces! I'm glad you are able to paint near your near white furniture!


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