January 24, 2017

Princess of the Moon

acrylic painting of princess holding the moon over the sea waves

I was inspired by Pia Rom"s Mix It Monthly Challenge this month. The theme is "texture of waves, water and pirates."  No pirates here but the "texture" of water caught my eye and my imagination. I knew I wanted this woman in the painting, then I added the moon and the next thing I knew she was holding the moon and became the "princess of the moon."  Looks like the powers of the princess and the moon are really whipping up the waves and the wind! I love when things "appear" as you are creating and the story just comes together like that.

Above is a process pic. Just getting the girl started. The waves need more work, too. I initially thought I wanted her dress to be blue before deciding that she should be wearing the same shimmery white as the moon.

Mixed media - Acrylic and colored pencil on mixed media paper. 9 x 12 inches. 

Hope you are having a creative week!


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  1. An amazing painting.So beautiful! Great to meet you at Art Journal Journey !
    Have a great rest of the week! OXO Susi

  2. Your painting is great Laney, I always like your work, and here I can almost feel the texture in your painting! I wish my hair was like that! Hugs, Valerie

  3. So lovely reading how your princess came to be, and to see the process pics as well.
    She's beautiful and, yes, her powers are amazing. Cheers :D)

  4. I love this piece. She is a goddess I think, not even a pricess. I really like your water. It has a cool wet texture to it. Glad you joined here at AJJ and shared with wonderful piece with us. Hugs-Erika

  5. This is beautiful and you draw so well. Your moon princess's face is incredible.

  6. She's beautiful and I love the seascape!

  7. She is a "princess of the moon", a very lovely one and those magnificent waves, wonderful!!!

    Happy PPF!

  8. Beautiful...your goddess, the water, the sky are so well done. Love it. Happy PPF

  9. What a beautiful setting! It looks like a magical place. I like how you did the waves too.

  10. Wow. As I looked at your painting so many wonderful things came to light. The way you painted the water is so unique and I love her hair. This is a fabulous painting.


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