November 6, 2016

Sweet Little Twin Glitter Houses

green and pink glitter houses with trees

These two glitter houses  - in green and pink - look like twins or a matched set, don't they?  I made them from the same pattern, obviously.  I wanted to make a design that had room for a wreath under the peak of the roof, so I came up with this model. I modified a pattern by Howard Lamey.  I love the simple design and created both of these for an upcoming craft sale.

green glitter house with tree and deer

I made the fences by cutting the top edge with a decorative blade. The yards are just large enough for a frosty tree and a sweet little deer.

pink glitter house with tree and deer

I love the soft pastels even though they are not traditional Christmas colors. I think they add to the "sweetness factor."  A touch of snow and plenty of glitter finished them off and brought them to life.

They are ready and waiting to brighten the holidays!



  1. Oh dear, these little glitter houses are so sweet! I just woke up to snow this morning and then this wonderful post of yours ♥

  2. Oh these are beautiful! I can feel Winter is right here with these precious houses in the snow! Thanks for your kind comment,
    best wishes

  3. Stunning I love them so much!! The colours are perfect them both.. This will make an fabulous Christmas decoration or a gift.. All the best!! You did an amazing job!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I love seeing your glitter houses. What a fun collection you have made. You could have an awesome holiday display for sure! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hugs-Erika

  5. These are gorgeous Laney, love them. Hugs, Valerie

  6. These are gorgeous, Laney. Where are you selling them? Are you on Etsy or another like site?

    1. Hi Gloria. These are for a local sale, but I have been working on an Etsy shop. Feel free to email me with questions - and thanks for your interest! (I also left a comment on your blog - I was unable to locate an email address for you.)

  7. Sweet! They remind me of some Christmas ornaments my mother had when I was growing up. Blessings!


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