September 23, 2015

QAYG and Thoughts on Quilting

It's been a while since I have worked on this project - my quilt as you go blocks. I have added two more and it has been an interesting process so far.  I am not sure how many I am going to make but the plan was to go larger using this process since I wouldn't have to wrestle the whole thing through my machine to quilt it.  I love doing the improv piecing - that is a lot of fun. But the funny thing is - I'm not sure I like adding more quilting with this method. I thought I might enjoy doing heavier quilting since it would be easier when done "as you go"  but I am finding so far that I still just want to get it done so I can move on to creating the patchwork with the next block. That's the fun part for me!

I have experimented with two QAYG methods: 1 - the flip and sew method where you quilt each piece then add the next one and  -2- making each patchwork block then layering it with batting and quilting the block.  I definitely prefer the second way. But I may ultimately prefer sewing the whole top then quilting it entire quilt after all.  :)

Have you experimented with QAYG? What did you think?



  1. I might tend to fall into the same category as you, where I much prefer making blocks as opposed to quilting them. I have never tried QAYG, but have read a lot about it. I've considered trying it on a quilt that I have in the works, but since it is a complicated paper pieced quilt, I am having doubts about it. Perhaps it would be best to try it on a more simple block... great colors and blocks, and in my mind, you can never have too much color!

    Greetings from Germany from a former NC resident!

  2. i have tired both ways and rather the original way but it's fun to try new things

  3. Oh those are so pretty! The colors and the designs are lovely!


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