August 6, 2015

My Top Ten Art Journaling Supplies

Let's talk about art supplies!

top ten art journaling supplies graphic
Top 10 Art journaling Supplies

Art Journaling - Anything Goes

One of the best things about art journaling is that anything goes. It can be anything you want it to be. There is no right or wrong. So it follows that any art supplies will work - it all depends on what you want to do/like to use.

art journal detail of red bird
Red Bird Art Journal Page Detail
 My art journaling has changed over the years. I used to use markers and magazine collage, but over time I have moved more into painting in my journals. I am definitely into mixed media and I often collage and grab all kinds of things to use. Anything goes!

My Top Ten Art Journaling Supplies

  • Acrylic paint. I use pricey Golden acrylics as well as cheap craft paints. Any of it will work!
  • Pencils and pens - regular old everyday pencils and pens.
  • Colored pencils - I love prismacolor pencils.
  • Watercolor pencils - color with the pencil then add a touch of water - magic!
  • Paper for collage - to add texture. I like book paper and sheet music especially.
  • Glue - I am a fan of glue stick - quick and easy, but use Mod Podge and matte medium too.
  • Sharpie water based paint pens. They write over anything!
  • Oil pastels - I have cheap Portfolios. I like to smudge them with my fingers or a rag.
  • Stencils - I like to make my own.
  • Ink - It is fun to use the dropper to write with or let it run down the page in drips.
So that's what I have been loving to use lately. What about you? What are your favorite art supplies right now?

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  1. Fantastic colors and motion in this piece. Nice!

  2. Very pretty!! I love acrylics....And sometimes magazines.

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Hi Giggles! I love seeing what you do with acrylics. :)

  3. excellent recommendations all!...gorgeous image which just seemed to be abstract to me...and then suddenly I recognized the the layers and texture too!

  4. It's always fascinating to read about other's art supplies.
    I must try making my own stencils too.

    1. I love reading about other's stuff! I encourage you to make your own stencils - it's fun.

  5. I have been using various texture mediums lately along with painting knives and old credit cards to spread. I have always wanted to try making stencils but never got around to it; maybe that will be a Sunday project. Lovely art!

    1. Thank you Ginger! I have never tried texture mediums. That may be something for me to explore. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful colors and textures. Thanks.
    Because I am brand new to Art Journal, and just completed my first page....I was so thrilled to have you share your list of supplies. I have a few things on your list, but now nice to now have a more detailed list of supplies. I hope you don't mind I copied the list and printed it our for my next trip to Michael's. Sending hugs.

    1. Hi Wanda! I don't mind at all that you printed the list. It makes me so happy to be able to help you out! I hope you enjoy art journaling and that shopping trip to Michaels. :)

  7. great list, I use all of fav supply of the moment dylusions paint for the color, amazing color.

  8. Thanks Leekrek. I've read a lot of good reviews for that Dylusions Paint, but haven't tried it. I may need to look for it!

  9. Totally love your list and your paintings..... I'd add in waterbrushes and gelatos too.
    This is a fun post!


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