December 7, 2014

Wonky Star Block Tutorial

One feature of the Christmas banner I  am making for the front door is a wonky star block. These are fun to make so I thought I'd post a little tutorial to share with you. Lord knows I didn't invent this block!  And there are other versions, but this is how I do it.

This block is basically a nine patch block. All the blocks will start as background fabric (in this case - white) except the very center which will be your star color (in the case - yellow).

Cut your squares to the appropriate size. Mine are 2 1/2 inches.  (The entire star block finishes at 6 inches.)

You will need strips of your star fabric. Some people cut half-square triangles of the star fabric, but I just use a strip - less cutting before getting started, but if you love to cut half square triangles cut away!  :)

The star has points in the top center, bottom center and right and left center blocks. The four corner blocks with remain white. Like this.

Place your star fabric face down on top of the background square. Be sure to have the star point exit the background square below the top of the block. At least 1/4 inch below. Otherwise the points will be cut off when you sew the block together.

Be sure that when folded open after sewing the star fabric will cover all the background area to the edge of the block.

Once the first point is done, sew the second one in the same way.

Then flip the block over so it is face down. Use the white square as a guide to trim up the star fabric so it is even with the white square.

Like this:

Here's the front. Cute, right?

Once you have trimmed the star fabric, you can cut away the white fabric underneath if you would like, in order to reduce layers. BUT BE CAREFUL! It is easy to get a little mixed up and cut the wrong thing. Leave the white layers there until you are sure you are ready to cut.

Continue to make all the points, then lay out your blocks like this:

The sew, press and admire your completed wonky star block!

Don't forget to square up the block before sewing it into your quilt.

Here's the Christmas banner as it stands this evening - lounging on the ironing board. It still needs the hand sewing of embellishments for the tree decorations and package bows. You can see how the star block fits in. (Had to do an indoor photo - it's dark outside!  ;)

So there you go! I hope this tutorial is helpful and inspires you to make some wonky stars of your own!  :)

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  1. I love wonky!! Your banner is adorable and wonderfully festive!!

  2. Love your festive makes! this is a great tutorial, thank you

  3. I love wonky star blocks, but have never made them. Great tutorial, thank you!


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