November 30, 2014

Back for the Green and Gray Quilt

Still working on the Green and Gray Quilt. I made a trip to the LQS for batting and quilting thread - in green and gray, naturally.  :)

I decided to try piecing the back. Never done that before but thought it might be fun.  I see some pretty pieced backs out there in blogland but I don't think this is one of them! I don't really think the colors jive together all that well, but I am trying to use up fabric that I have.

I had a little of the solids from the front left and I filled in with some FQs and leftovers in my stash. I have some fabrics that I don't really like hanging out in my closet and I figured I may as well use them on the back since they are probably not going to make it into a quilt top or anything else. Some of these are Denise Schmidt. I like the patterns in the fabrics - but not the colors. I tried to stick mostly with greens/grays, but did get that one strip of yellow - a Heather Bailey fabric from my first ever quilt!

Do you ever get tired of looking at fabrics that languish in your stash for a while?

You can see it's not yet sewn together in this photo - just up on the wall - and not even straight!
But this is pretty much the final layout and it IS sewn together now. 

So next up is basting. After we move the coffee table out of the way and vacuum the rug!

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