November 4, 2014

Art Journal Page

This page was started long, long ago! I had just purchased a spray dye to play with and I sprayed a few strokes onto this page. Then it sat in the book for a year or more.  Finally, I decided to add to it with some collage, then colored pencils/pens/markers.  I'm not sure where it's going from here . . .

Linking up with Art Every Day Month at Creative Every Day.


  1. First, thanks for visiting my blog today. I greatly appreciate it. You have a really lovely page. If it were mine, I'd call it complete, but I'm sure it will tell you when it's finished. I like how you combined collage and drawings together. That's something I'm definitely not good at.

  2. Love this green Wild Woman! I often do this myself -- start a page or just use a new tool or art media and then close my book or journal and come back years later to finish the piece! I'm enjoying browsing through your blog!


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