August 1, 2013

Stitching Fun!

Inspired by Teesha Moore and her fabric journals video, I am trying out this technique.  Here is what I have so far.
I started making these a bout a month ago - just taking it very slowly.

 I love the rough, chunky, hand-hewn look that you get from the raw edges and using 6 or twelve strands of the floss.  And I am TOTALLY in love with all the color!
I've tried doing the random stitches that Teesha often uses, but I prefer straight line stitches on printed fabrics.

  I started out sewing the completed pillows together by hand, but then tried it by machine using a zig zag stitch and decided I liked that better.  It does flatten them out a bit at the seams but I kind of like it that way.
Not sure what this is going to be . . . a bag? . . . a bookcover/journalcover?  . . . a pillow?  Let's just see where it leads.  I am just enjoying the hand stitching with embroidery thread - very easy and relaxing.

More little "pillows" awaiting stitching!

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