August 19, 2013

Art Journal in the Works

Inspired by Jenniebellie's tutorial on making a journal from cereal boxes, I pulled out the paint and created a pile of painted cardboard and papers.  Included in this heap are also some drawings and ATCs I had laying around in the studio.

I am not making the same style of journal as Jenniebellie, so I have cut my cereal box paintings into different sizes/shapes.  I cut all the little pieces - the tops and sides off, too.  I think they will make cool embellishments to the pages.

I love the idea of upcycling empty boxes and junk mail.  Why waste all that free cardboard and paper? Just think about all the trees that went into all those cereal boxes.  Gesso, paint, collage and fabric can turn it into something fun, creative and useful.

I'm working on getting the journal together now.  Got a few ideas circulating in my head . . .

Do you like to upcycle stuff for your  art journals?

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  1. This looks like a great project, so much fun. I love the bright bold colors. I love upcycling and try to as much as I can.

  2. What a great way to make good use of cereal boxes - of course with the addition of your painting, gesso and etc. They will make a great looking journal!

  3. Julie - Thank you. I can never have enough color.

  4. Love this idea Laney. Jenniebelle always has such great ideas. I also love your pouches on your other post. Nicely done. Thanks

  5. these look so bright, cheerful and fun! I like the idea of different sizes, embellishments, pockets.


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