August 6, 2011

Painting on Fabric

I picked up some inexpensive canvas from the store a while back and decided to do some painting on it.  It was great fun and this was the result.  I also started on another one, below.
So today I thought I'd work on this one again.  After an enjoyable afternoon, it now looks like this:


  1. I love your paintings on Fabric! What are you painting with? Are they on Canvas? Your images are so free and faniciful!

    I am painting on silk, using dyes, and thinking of painting on muslin.

    Found you through Kelly Rae.

  2. Hello, I am one of your Flying Lessons classmates! OMG!!!!! I love your paintings here on fabric. I might have to hit you up later for a possible commision work. I love the colors and the style. My business is called Bird in a Tree Creations and I think you could probably do exactly what I love!!! We will have to talk later! So awesome cyber meeting you!!-Kelly


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