February 21, 2011

Free Motion Quilting - the good and the bad.

I am trying to learn to free motion quilt on my pinwheel quilt.  This is a challenging skill to master.  But practice makes perfect, so I am stitching (and ripping) and stitching some more.
This is a shot of an area on the back where things did not go so well! Loose loopy stitches are not a good thing - lol.  So the seam ripper will have it's day here.

Here's a pic of the top in an area where the stitches look smooth and neat.  Just what you want!  This gives me inspiration to keep going.

From what I read, it seems that every quilter and every machine have their own pecularities.  You have to find what works for you.  I set my machine on half speed, put the pedal all the way down, then I have a consistent machine speed and can focus on moving may hands evenly.  This has really helped me to keep those loops at bay.

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  1. Oh my .... I recognize those loose stitches. Glad you found what worked for you and got into that FMQ groove. I'm still looking for that "sweet combo" on my machine that will turn me into one too. Can't wait to see this all finished!


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