September 8, 2010

I Finally Finished It!

My Wild and Free Quilt is finished!  Free form, improv piecing for the blocks was so much fun to do.

I did a white border and a red binding, slightly free form grid based quilting and I really like how this one turned out!  It's not very large, but fun to cuddle up with on the couch.  These freestyle blocks were so much fun to make.  I love bright colors, if you haven't guessed.

Meanwhile - it's Round 8 at the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along.  This one is being led by Pat Sloan.  This is what I have so far.  We don't know exactly how it's going to finish up yet - fun!  It's supposed to be on point, but my table wasn't wide enough to photograph it that way.  Looking forward to seeing what the applique will be.

Edited to add: Linking with Val's Tuesday Archives


  1. Great quilt!

    To answer you question about Soul Collage. The book is set up with some references to archetypes that are traditional but up for content and artistic interpretation. ON first glance one may think these are pagan references I took them as the traditional archetypes.

    I do not feel Soul Collage is a tarot deck. I was asking myself if it was one but didn't think so.

    Whatever you choose to put on the card reflects your interpretation for that symbol. Thus you do not have to use images or meanings that reflect something like goddesses or multiple gods (like ancient mythology references).

    You also can reject certain archetypes if something offends you.

    I recall reading somewhere some Christian women did their sets of cards with a bit different labels on the cards to reflect more Christian content. If my memory serves me correctly key people in the Bible that had meaning for the person had their own card.

    Otherwise it's up to you on how to interpret Soul Collage for your own self. The card for 'source' could be God. That's an example of what meaning you apply. Just because some other person, an athiest, chose to show Mother Nature images there doesn't mean Soul Collage is something you should avoid. If you know what I mean.

    The book tells to add cards per your desire such as you may have a card to represent your best friend or other real people in your life. Thus that is not un-Christian.

    The things put on the cards should speak to YOU directly so what you do would not necessarily copy someone else's that used some symbol that you felt was un-Christian.

    As for me I bought the book, got the thick cardstock and got read with National Geographics then didn't do the rest.

    I recall on the YahooGroup that people would share how they used the cards like counsel each day. I didn't quite know how I'd use my cards and as a Christian didn't feel that I would use it as a replacement for prayer by any means. I also would not set up an altar.

    It seems most people use them for ideas on what to mediate or think over. Such as they pull cards in the morning and then ponder on what those things mean, then if they are pondering a problem in their life if they pull the card for their grandmother they could think about how their grandmother would handle the situation if she were faced with it.

    Am curious what you think of this so let me know your thoughts.

  2. Such a fun cheerful quilt. I think I would struggle with improv, so I love seeing what others have done.

  3. I love improv AND this quilt!!! So bright and happy!! THIS is exactly what I love about Tuesday Archives as I would have never seen this as I wasn't blogging when this was originally posted!! So glad you rejuvinated it under our Lap Quilts theme.


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